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About Me

What is this blog about?

This blog was created to inspire other programmers and developers to start their journey. In today’s age and time, most of the tutorials for gaming are in video format but that takes time and effort. I plan on simplifying that as well as filling the gaps on some important topics like how to structure the project, how to start from scratch, how to start making a game engine for a simple game, how to start creating assets, etc. Feel free to use the code displayed on this site as you wish.

Note: Currently the blog revolves around C++ but this will change in the future as I start to investigate other languages, engines, and tools for creating games.


Check out my beginner CMake course where I cover configuring CMake projects and the CMake language in more detail. You can get a discount if you use the link here.

You can get my course on ImGui that covers basic UI programming through imediate mode UIs and using C++ and the BGFX library for graphics. Use the link to get a discount.

You can get my course on Vulkan that covers basics of graphics programming through the Vulkan specification. Use the link to get a discount.

Who am I?

My Picture

I am a game developer – mostly a programmer. I started my journey as a web developer and reached the peak of my potential there. Currently, I’m going through my game developer career and was inspired by other people and blogs to leave my own mark in the world. I will share my knowledge and thoughts as well as my progress in learning new things.

I am also the co-founder of a startup called Paper Cranes Ltd. which works on various stuff from logo design, web design, web programming and 3D assets.

Where to start?

Currently, I suggest you start reading in the programming section to get familiar with the notations used around the blog. You can also look at all articles here.



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